The Resurrection: Which Response is yours?

Title: The Resurrection: Which Response is yours?
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YMI X @themilkyway_tansuen
Description: Happy Easter! Once again, we commemorate the day Jesus resurrected from the dead through teaching, singing, and thanksgiving. 

But this historic and faith-shaping event is way more than just “a day of celebration”. It is life-changing, and it demands a response from each of us. A response that will shape the way we live. 

And today is the perfect time for us to give thought to the implications of his resurrection–no matter how many times we’ve already heard this truth. What does the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ mean to us? Whose response do we identify with the most: Thomas, the guards & religious leaders, or the women at the tomb? How do our lives reflect the reality of this truth?


Newspaper displaying easter images of Jesus' resurrection

newspaper article Thomas doubting and disbelieving with Jesus pierced hands

But that also goes to show that no matter how long we have been walking with the Lord and our personal experiences with the Saviour, each one of us is still susceptible to doubts and uncertainty. 

If you’re doubting the truth of His resurrection, why not reach out to Jesus and experience Him anew today?



Newspaper article pharisees paying soldiers to spread news Jesus' body stolen

Though we may have heard the truth about Jesus, our lack of understanding or resistance towards change may cause us to reject the truth and respond in fear.

If that’s how you currently feel, know that it’s never too late to discover and receive this truth for yourself to walk in the right fear of Him today.



Newspaper article women at Jesus' tomb afraid but filled with belief and joy

Jesus is risen! And today, we have been given this truth in full—recorded in the very pages of the Bibles we carry today. It’s the best news we can ever receive, for in Christ, our sins are forgiven and death has lost its sting!<br><br>Do we remember the joy and relief we felt when we first came to faith and have we been sharing this truth with others?



Newspaper article three cross on the hill with sun rising behind

Newspaper article with poll doubt reject or accept the gospel


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