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Why Am I Disappointed in Ministry?

I’ve always believed that hard work pays off. Sacrifices must be made—be it time, entertainment, or sleep—if results are to be expected. It is therefore no surprise to hear how many would stay up late to complete their assignments, edit their masterpieces, or study for an exam. I apply this attitude to both my studies and my involvement in Christian ministry.

Let Go of Self to Find Self-worth

When I was 15 years old, I would often ask my Dad what he thought I was good at. Our conversations always ended the same way—I just hadn’t found what were my strengths yet. This answer always left me feeling dissatisfied and disappointed.

ODJ: disappointment & growth

Roger Bannister was considered the favourite for the 1500m race at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. He planned to retire if he won gold, but an unusual schedule at the Games affected his chances and he came in fourth. Instead of quitting, however, his disappointment spurred him on to continue competing. Two years later he went on to change sporting history. On 6 May 1954, at the Iffley Road track i

ODJ: not what we planned

In 1915, Dr. Frank Laubach’s church commissioned him to serve as a missionary in Manila, Philippines, and as a professor at Union Theological Bible College (Manila). When he and another man were being considered for the office of the Bible College president, a vote was held to determine which candidate would win. Dr. Laubach did what he thought honourable; he voted for his opponent. Conseque

ODJ: silencing the barren womb

Dear Sheridan,
I know that you and your wife have never been able to have children. My husband and I haven’t been able to either, and we’ve tried almost everything to do so. The hardest thing I find is that the pain and the longing never seem to go away. I resonate with what Proverbs 30 says: The barren womb is never satisfied. I know you and Merryn have been able to move on

ODJ: hope deferred

As any couple trying to have a child knows, every 28 days you’re looking for signs of success. For many couples, this expectation is met with disappointment for a few months until conception occurs. But for others, this monthly cycle of raised and dashed hopes can last for years. Proverbs 13:12 describes such an experience well: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”

That was o

ODJ: shattered dreams

A friend had been working at a job he loved for many years when he was suddenly laid off. He took another position at a new company, but the work was not as fulfilling and didn’t pay well. Then the first employer asked him to return, which he did with joy. Sadly, he and most of the workforce were again laid off just 7 days later. The other company wouldn’t take him back and he’s

ODJ: sacrifices—good and bad

Jess likes money. In her brief 4½ years on the planet, she has already learned that she can play her aunts and uncles for spare change. Cuteness and intelligence comprise a formidably lucrative combination. Her parents, quite naturally, are concerned over this. “Don’t ask for money,” they tell her. “You should earn it by doing chores.”

One day Jess discovered that a friend

ODJ: disappointments

Ian Usher was so disappointed with his life that he decided to auction it on eBay. He wanted to rid himself of all the memories he shared with his ex-wife. The Australian said, “On the day [all my possessions] are sold, I intend to walk out of my front door with my wallet in one pocket and my passport in the other and nothing else at all.” His plans included a short visit to his mother before