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A group of teenagers walking

3 Things I’m Learning from Journeying with Younger Christians

I heard them as soon as the lift doors opened. The raucous chatter of teenage girls, occasionally punctuated by the tone-deaf squeals of a rubber chicken toy they had stumbled on in the church’s kindergarten and now took delight in playing with. 

Becoming a Safe Place: How to be a Friend Who Helps

Most of us know how intimidating Christians can be, even for us Christians. As easily as “authentic” and “real” roll off the tongue, it’s another thing to actually engage on that level. Yet honest relationships are in the spirit of what God extends to us.
Riley and Jessica Veal - Your Baby Might Not Make It

Riley and Jessica Veal: “Your Baby Might Not Make It”

From the outside, Jessica, Riley, and their little girl Madeline look like the perfect family. You would never know that just three years ago, they were overwhelmed by a grave medical diagnosis for their unborn baby.

5 Things to Do with Doubt Besides Ignore It

Have you ever questioned your faith? From theological ponderings—how exactly did God create the world? To emotional doubts—does God really love me? What do we do about these questions? Do we shove them aside, hoping if we deprive them of our attention, they’ll stop threatening the firm foundation we thought we had?
Woman sitting reading the bible

Dear Doubting Christian, God Is Not Afraid of Your Questions

I am filled with grief when I see how Christians treat doubt and doubters. For whatever my words are worth, I want to offer a profound apology for any time you’ve been written off easily by Christians in your circle—maybe even made to feel as though you’re “not really one of us” because you struggle to believe what others claim comes so naturally to them.

Editor’s Picks: Best Articles on Apologetics

All of us have grappled with doubts and questions about God. Here are our top articles on Apologetics, exploring some of the biggest and most common questions we all have about Christianity.

Are You Questioning What You Believe?

Lately, I’ve found myself questioning what I believe. I wouldn’t call it a crisis of faith, but I have some legitimate questions that have been shaking me up a bit.
Man walking alone in the desert pondering unanswerable questions

Facing life’s unanswerable questions

In a sense, I am a problematic kid. I have many questions. I wonder: What is the purpose of life? Why do we undergo sorrows and pain? If God loves us, why did He take our loved ones,