Mike Mohede: A Life Well-Lived

I was shocked when I first heard the news: Mike Mohede, a 32-year-old singer who won Season 2 of Indonesian Idol, passed away yesterday at Premiere Bintaro hospital, Indonesia, from a heart attack.

“Me Before You”: Is Dying Ever Justified?

Some time ago, one movie caught my attention. It was the romantic film, “Me Before You”. I first saw the trailer on Facebook, and was particularly intrigued by the scene where the male lead tells the female lead,

Why Christina Grimmie’s Death Matters

It’s been a very grim weekend for the music community. Like many others all over the world, I’m still reeling in shock over the senseless murder of Christina Grimmie, the 22-year-old American YouTube singing sensation and finalist of The Voice, Season 6.

How (a close encounter with) death shaped my perspective on life

Have you ever wondered when you might take your last breath? Mine almost came a few weeks ago. While standing on the pavement next to the road, I was almost hit by a car when the reckless driver nearly mounted the curb, missing me by inches.

Why Does It Have To Be This Way?

Life. It’s unpredictable. Some days it’s peaceful, other days it’s tumultuous. Sometimes it’s beautiful, other times it’s dreary. Some of us enjoy good health and long life, some of us suffer continually and die early. Ever paused and asked why?

What if a Loved One is Not Saved?

In May 2006, my family experienced our first death. My mother’s younger brother died in a hit-and-run accident, leaving my auntie behind to raise five young children on her own.

ODJ: just sleeping?

Aeuphemism of words or phrases that otherwise might be considered harsh or unpleasant to hear.” Instead is “a polite expression used in place of saying, “We ended our dog’s life,” we say, “We put our dog to sleep.” In the Bible, sleep is a euphemism for physical death (Mark 5:39). When His friend died, Jesus said, “Lazarus has fall

ODB: Amazing Love

Approaching the first Christmas after her husband died, our friend Davidene wrote a remarkable letter in which she pictured what it might have been like in heaven when Jesus was born on earth. “It was what God always knew would happen,” she wrote. “The three were one, and He had agreed to allow the fracturing of His precious unity for our sake. Heaven was left empty of God the So

ODJ: what can’t be seen

On a Thursday, my friends’ 10-year-old daughter was laughing and playing with her family and friends. The following Monday, she was in heaven. The lovely little girl was abruptly stricken with a rare form of malaria that took her life and left those of us who loved her in a state of shock. Particularly difficult was observing her parents’ raw grief as they said their final goodbyes to