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a dark road in jungle

When the Way Ahead Seems Dark

I found myself inwardly nodding in recognition when our pastor described how some people might be walking through a dark cave with no idea where the exit was. At that time, my job was coming to an end, and not having received any clear answers from God about my future direction, I felt like I was indeed walking in the “darkness” he described.

Crack of Blinding Light

But what if there’s a certainty we can cling on to—knowing that as we follow Him, God will make a way for us, and that step will lead only to our good.

What’s in the Dark?

Ghosts, bogeymen, monsters, and other scary creatures were all part of my childhood (and perhaps yours too!). Somehow, it was embedded in my mind that in the dark, something scary would be lurking around the corner.

The Darkest Day of My Life

Darkness. We encounter it every day—when we sleep, when night falls, or when we simply close our eyes. Yet, there’s something about darkness that we dread. It speaks of the unknown, it engulfs us, and it grips us with fear.