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Why Miscommunication Happens so Often

Have you had a friendship or relationship sour because of poor communication? Perhaps a boss did not tell you something in advance but eventually blamed you for not completing an assignment on time. Or, some project group mates did not tell you that they needed help—until the deadline came.
List of resolutions on a notebook

What are your Resolutions Motivated by?

Written By Crystal Tang, Singapore  Coming up with New Year…
Wooden Nativity Scene

The Loving God

Many miles from where I am and some thousands of years ago, lay a peaceful looking infant in a manger lined with hay. Barely moments after his birth,

Why Should We Give Thanks?

Recently, I was searching the Bible for verses relating to giving thanks and thanksgiving and at least 200 verses showed up. In the Old Testament,

I Met Jesus through A Flyer

It all started with a ring on my doorbell some ten years back by a tall, nice looking girl. Having been instructed never to open the door to strangers when I am alone

5 "Harmless" Phrases We Use

We probably have said something before that unwittingly hurt others, caused others to stumble, or even saddened God. While we may not have had the intention of causing