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man looking up into sky

I Looked Up, and I’m Terrified

Netflix's movie Don't Look Up mirrored the climate change issue the world is currently facing—and why we need to start “looking up” and doing something about it now.

ASK YMI: Why Bother Saving the Earth if There’ll Be A New Heaven and Earth One Day?

First of all, we must recognize that though this creation has been irretrievably ruined by sin, it is nonetheless part of His common grace to all humanity—a good gift from God to us. So to be wilfully ignorant of this planet’s plight, or to continue to wreck it for the sake of greed then, is to foolishly vandalize the means which God has given to sustain life, which makes us a poor steward of the temporal resources that have been entrusted to us.
Flowers being held in a string bag

5 Sustainable Switches to Consider in 2020

In the past year, I’ve come to a new resolution that has been shaping the end of my 2019 and that I hope will shape my 2020: I want to reduce the amount of waste I produce.