Duck surrounded by leaves and grasses

How Self-Care and Creation Care Go Hand In Hand

Title: How Self-Care and Creation Care Go Hand In Hand
Artwork by: YMI X @afterprovidence
Description: Have you ever considered that caring for God’s creation actually extends to yourself? God designed us to be in harmony with the rest of creation, so if one thrives, the other would too! 

Most of us might picture self-care in the form of a nice, long bath, or staying in bed with the air conditioning on, or shopping and treating ourselves. But could we learn to be creative in our self-care options that’ll allow us to simultaneously care for the earth as our God-given home? 

Here are 5 simple ways you can try today to practice self-care as creation care.

Duck surrounded by leaves and grasses
Duck cycling
Duck with a bag of fruits and vegetables
Duck in conversation with other ducks
Flower with text prompting readers to answer

Chelsea runs After Providence, an illustration and ceramics studio based in Singapore and London. Her work draws from peaceful days outside and quiet days indoors.
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