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A woman is holding a bible but looking bored

It’s Time to Take the Guilt Out of Your Bible Reading

You start off the new year with a plan to follow–to finish the whole Bible in one year. But by the time the third week of January rolls around, you’re three days behind, equivalent to 12 to 15 chapters to catch up on. The doubt about actually doing this creeps in. The guilt of not doing what you said you’d do piles up. 
Image of a person lying on the floor

3 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Demotivated in Ministry

“Apathy” was ranked as the single biggest concern of 2022, according to Lifeway Research’s survey of 1,000 pastors on their churches’ most pressing needs.
Painting of a couple about to kiss each other goodbye

Why We (Still) Kiss Each Other Goodbye

My husband and I make it a point to always kiss each other goodbye before we go our separate ways. At the front door, when he leaves for work and I'm holding a crying baby in one arm and a clingy toddler in the other—no matter what the circumstance—we kiss each other goodbye.

3 Gifts to Give to God

Last Christmas Eve morning, I caught sight of three yellow paper airplanes perched atop our family’s Christmas tree. Taking a closer look, I recognized the scribbly handwriting of my three daughters on the airplanes
Couple holding hands on the beach

Other Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage

I was traveling cross-country with a friend when it came out that I was waiting for marriage to have sex. And I added, “and there’s no certainty I will ever get married.”

Why We Need Games like Pokemon Go

In today’s world, Pokemon are everywhere. And people walk for hours on end and visit places they don’t normally go to, well, catch these virtual pocket monsters.

Friends Through Thick and Thin

Without my dear college friends and sisters, my wedding would not have been possible. A photo of my bridesmaids shows them in their pretty dresses and bearing bright smiles, but these belie the many hours and days of frantic efforts to put a wedding together in spite of a famously indecisive bride.

What I’ve learned from Minions

Some time ago, I went to the cinema with my friends to watch the antics of a bunch of cute, little pill-shaped yellow beings in blue jumpsuits. It was the movie Minions, a story about how these incompetent yet irresistible creatures met and entered the service of Gru, the reluctant hero of the Despicable Me franchise.

ODB: Strengthen My Hands

Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, is the man credited with making Singapore what it is today. During his leadership, Singapore grew to be rich and prosperous and one of the most developed nations in Asia.