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SOCIAL ISSUES | Themed Contribution

Hey you, I don't know what job you’re in. And I don't know…

SUCCESS | Themed Contribution

While on my way to deliver an order to my client one day, I drove by one of my former classmates from school. He was in a Mercedes-Benz car, looking cool. I immediately felt embarrassed of my car’s chipped paint. “He’s so much more successful than I am,” I thought.

SUFFERING | Themed Contribution

People sometimes say that the God in the Old Testament (OT) is very different from the God in the New Testament (NT). In the OT, He’s unloving, angry, and violent, but He’s loving, peaceful, and caring in the NT.

ENTERTAINMENT | Themed Contribution

Our God is an amazing Creator. He made our universe -: the things we see every day, the parts we hope to visit, and the areas yet undiscovered...

CHURCH | Themed Contribution

Fellowship is a scary thing. Being real and vulnerable with someone, not filtering yourself for fear of what they might think of the real you, is terrifying. But that's what God calls us to do as part of His church. He says to all of us, "You. I choose YOU to be a part of Christ's body. Yep. That's not a mistake. You with all your brokenness and pride and shame - I choose you."