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Making Sense of Jesus' Countercultural Teachings

We all know people who make striking comments just for the attention they get. They often appear countercultural, but rarely live out what they preach. It’s almost like they just want to be different.

3 Misconceptions about Marriage

Weddings. It’s interesting how many people (women in particular) start dreaming and talking about their wedding at a young age. I came across a blogger who wrote about how she started dreaming about her wedding as soon as she could talk.

When I Don’t Agree with the Bible

Recently, a Christian friend of mine shared that she was going through a very rough patch in her life. Why would God, described in the Bible as the God of love, allow her to go through all that? she asked.

Why I Stayed On In My Church

“You mean you are still attending your church after so many years?” This was a question someone asked me about two years ago.

How I Came to Understand My Parents

Written By Lim Chien Chong Chien Chong joined Singapore Youth…