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3 Things I Learned When I Couldn't Find A Job

Perhaps right now you are in the same position I was back then, worrying about your job prospects in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic. If so, I hope the lessons I’m about to share will help you through this uncertain and trying time.

Why Such A Bad Start to 2020?

I hope your new year is off to a good start. That’s how I’ve been starting my emails lately—with a sincere wish. The bad news that we’ve been reading and watching on the media this year have affected people I know on a personal level.

Career Advice from Hidden Figures

Have you ever felt angry for your lack of opportunities? Perhaps, due to the color of your skin, your looks, your gender, or your not-so well connected family background.

5 Ways to Become the Most Eligible Bachelorette

Yes, you can congratulate me. I am finally getting married. The wedding will be held in a church, and will be followed by a fabulous lunch reception. And nope, we won’t be having a wedding banquet.

How Entertainment Helps us Enjoy Life to the Fullest

What are your favorite forms of entertainment? Mine are reading and sports. My perfect day of rest is spent exercising for a few hours in the gym or cycling on the park connectors, before curling up with a good book.

Where’s the Joy This Christmas?

The weather has turned chilly. The sky is mostly overcast. Raindrops splatter the ground, as though someone forgot to turn off the sprinkler. December feels sorrowful.

Are You a Believer?

Are you a believer? You may be surprised to hear this, but all of us are—regardless of our religious inclination. We live by faith everyday—faith that our alarm clock will wake us up on time and faith that we will live to face tomorrow.

How My Quest For Knowledge Led to Faith

Since young, I’ve always been curious about life—every facet of it. My sister and I used to walk around the house with big, fat dictionaries in our hands, pretending that we were very smart people. So why do I love knowledge?

Life is like a Jenga Set

Life is like a Jenga set. There is a fixed number of time blocks to each day. 24 hours to be exact, 1440 minutes in detail. Nothing more. Nothing less.