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Singleness in the Church: 3 Ways We Can Do Better

Let’s name something that probably doesn’t get mentioned enough: The church as we know it today custom tailors a lot of its activity to the family. From ministry programs to sermon applications, even to the term “family-friendly,” our churches operate with families in mind as their primary audience.

When Church Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations

As a pastor, I’m used to hearing from people that they feel disconnected from their (or our) church, even if they are deeply involved. Their experience simply hasn’t measured up to what they had hoped it might be. If you feel disconnected from your church, you’re not alone.

Are We Missing the Point of Lent?

From a distance, Lent appeared to be a time of forced obedience when people tried to “clean themselves up” by fasting or going for extra church services. It felt less like a special season of the Christian life and more like an attempt to “schedule time with God.”