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Man sharing his stress and struggles with a therapist

How Can We Learn To Live With Stress?

After doing an ultrasound, the doctor told me that I had Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). I had to undergo a major lifestyle change. But even as I exercised more, cut back on fried foods, tried to get enough sleep, the hardest part was changing the way I handled stress.
Man hiking on top of a mountain

The #10YearChallenge: How Has God Worked In Your Life?

If you’ve been active on social media lately, you would’ve seen the #10YearChallenge hashtag, along with side-by-side photos of your friends from 10 years ago and now, dominating your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

5 Things To Do When Confronting Someone

“He did something wrong. You should talk to him.” “Hey, why me? You should be the one to tell him. Aren’t you his friend?” Due to my conflict-avoidant personality, the idea of correcting someone scares me. I fear that speaking up will affect my relationship with my friends. Therefore, when I see them doing something wrong, I often ask others to reprove them instead, just like I did in the conversation above.

When Work is Routine and Life is a Bore

Disappointment. Boredom. Routine. These three words aptly described how I felt towards my job at the beginning of 2017.

God's Unexpected Plan in My Failed Job-Hunt

I have dreamed of becoming a journalist since entering college. My love for writing and travelling were my primary reasons for choosing the journalism course. But as graduation drew near, I was torn between two choices: passion or salary?
Letter with pen - confessions of a single guy

Confessions of a Single Guy

“When I was a child, I saw adults dating. When I became an adult, I saw children dating.” I laughed when I saw these words on a meme while scrolling through Instagram.
Young man standing in front of an apartment building

Why Am I Afraid of Sharing My Faith?

Have you ever been afraid of sharing your faith with others? I have. When I was in fourth grade, my family and I were the only Christians in our neighborhood.