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4 Struggles We Face in Ministry

Serving people can be hard work, whether in or out of the church. In church, I am thankful for the support I get from family and friends as I serve, but there are still many moments when I feel discouraged and insufficient to continue what I set out to do

4 Steps To Fight Feelings of Helplessness

Have you ever woken up on some mornings feeling powerless and helpless? Perhaps you just had a fight with your loved one or friend, your efforts at school or work reap unpromising results, or you have so much work on your plate you don’t even know where to begin.
Couple arguing in a lecture hall

Should We Avoid Conflicts in Relationships?

“Do not marry someone you have not had a big fight with.” The first time I heard this piece of advice, it startled me. It seemed counter-intuitive.

Do You Know Who You Really Are?

Are you an ENTP*? What are your top strengths? What does your sleeping position say about you? Did you know that your favorite color says something about who you are?

Can’t. Get. No. Satisfaction.

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed one day, I see a picture of a man leaving a store with several large bags—clothing store H&M had just launched its new Balmain X H&M collection, with the latest fashion designer clothing worth hundreds of dollars.

Do We Enjoy God?

For the past few days, I have been ploughing through the book of Isaiah trying my best to understand what the prophet means. But I have been growing increasingly anxious, because I don’t seem to be learning much; nothing applicable has really struck me.

Learning to Die 1,000 times every day

My left eye hurts and keeps on tearing probably because I’ve been given the wrong prescription for my spectacles. I’m thirsty from walking around all day running errands for my dad.

When We Take our Families for Granted

Recently, I started watching an exciting Korean drama, “School 2015: Who Are You”. It tells the story of a pair of orphaned twin girls, Eun-Byeol and Eun-Bi, who were separated at birth.

Do We Still Need to Fast?

Written By Abigail Lai, Singapore I’ve never been one to…