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Anzac Day: Lest We Forget - Eric Harding Chinner

Would you pack your bags to leave your comfortable home, set sail on a ship that’ll take months to reach a  foreign destination, live in frigid trenches filled with mud that were infested by rats, wear uniforms laced with lice, and fall asleep (if sleep were to come) to the sound of falling bombs filling the night air?  

Joy In Trials

Imagine you’ve just had another bad one in a long series of terrible days. You wonder how things could get any worse. And then, as you sit down with a good friend—who should know better—he says, “Great! Good for you! I hope you’re considering yourself blessed!” Wouldn’t that be so inappropriate? Wouldn’t you want to slap him?

ODB: Seeing with New Eyes

A video game, one that’s become a cultural phenomenon, places a hundred players on a virtual island to compete until one player remains. Whenever a player eliminates you from the contest, you can continue to watch through that player’s vantage point. As one journalist notes, “When you step into another player’s shoes and inhabit their point of view, the emotional register .

God's Promises Will Come To Pass

Now that we've finished reading and reflecting on the book of Esther, let's take a step back to see how it fits into the storyline of the whole Bible. In particular, we'll focus on God's crucial promises to Abraham (who was known as Abram at that time). We find these promises near the beginning of the Bible's storyline (Genesis 12:2-3, 7)

ODB: The God of All Comfort

Radamenes was just a kitten when his owner dropped him off at an animal shelter, thinking he was too ill to recover. The kitten was nursed back to health and adopted by the vet. He then became a fulltime resident at the shelter and now spends his days “comforting” cats and dogs—just out of surgery or recovering from an illness—through his warm presence and gentle purr.That

Working For The Good Of All

As the narrative ends, we are reminded of the power and reach of the Persian Empire. Remember, this is an empire that extends across 127 provinces (Esther 1:1). It has the power to grant a suspension of taxes (2:18 ESV), and then re-impose taxes on everything under its power, all the way to the distant coastlands (on the eastern Mediterranean; Esther 10:1).

ODB: Difficult People

Lucy Worsley is a British historian and TV presenter. Like most people in the public eye, she sometimes receives nasty mail—in her case, over a mild speech impediment that makes her r’s sound like w’s. One person wrote this: “Lucy, I’ll be blunt: Please try harder to correct your lazy speech or remove r’s from your scripts—I coul
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5 Things I Didn't Realise Until I Got Married

Yet, as I have learned in the nine short months that I’ve been married, there were things—situations, emotions—that I had imagined differently when I was single. Close friends of mine who were also newlyweds, shared similar sentiments. Having now been on both sides, my hope is that what I’m about to share will benefit two groups. First, to encourage those who are dating and waiting to get married to consider how they could prepare themselves emotionally. Second, to encourage those who are single to reconsider some assumptions they may have about marriage that may not be entirely accurate.

The Importance Of Remembrance

Today's passage continues the description of how Purim was established. An interesting aspect is how the festival got its name. Haman plotted against the Jews and cast the lot (pur) to find the most auspicious day to carry out his plot (Esther 9:24). Purim is the plural of pur (v. 26). Yet in the Old Testament, the lot is also cast to find out God's will.