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Ease into Ecclesiastes 9:13-12:14

ICYMI: Ecclesiastes is a book that’s ecc-xploding with truths, but it can also be ecc-xtremely hard to make sense of! Here’s an easy way to keep the key lessons from the book ecc-essible, so you’ll ecc-tually remember them!
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 20

Who Are You Listening to?

A friend once asked me, “Why are you Christians always poking into each other’s business?”
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 19

Remember God Now!

“Will you pray with me? There’s nothing else we can do.” I could hear a quiver in Paul’s voice.
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 18

What’s Fear Keeping You From?

My biggest fear is the fear of failure.
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 17

Words That Cut Deep

Growing up, my three siblings and I were no strangers to the usual frictions of daily life together, as well as the occasional instance of sibling rivalry.
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 16

When Wisdom Doesn't Reward

As a movie fan, one of my favorite genres is the historical epic—which includes films like Gladiator and Braveheart.
Ease into Ecclesiastes Part 3

Ease into Ecclesiastes 5:8-9:12

Are the key truths in Ecclesiastes 5:8-9:12 starting to feel ecc-xtremely heavy? Here’s an ecc-xellent way to help keep your focus in check as you reflect on them!
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 15

When Death Taught Me How to Live

A couple of months ago, I spent nine long days sitting by my dad’s hospital bedside.
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 14

What Are You Fighting For?

“I’ve decided I’m not going to fight it.”