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Would You Give a Tip for Bad Service?

Would you give a tip—that is more than the total cost of the meal itself—for bad service? If you’re thinking “No way”, that’s probably the logical reply. No one would fault you for not tipping.

The Maze Runner

The title of this movie effectively captures what it is all about. Though a pretty simple storyline—a group of boys trying to get out of a maze—there’s enough thrills and spills, tension, excitement and

Are You Up for the #Icebucketchallenge?

Everyone seems to be drenching themselves with buckets of icy cold water these days. The Internet is awash (pun intended) with such videos—just search #icebucketchallenge.

It was like death had played a cruel prank

For a week, I was glued to news updates on the status and stories of three ill-fated passenger airlines. My heart went out to the passengers who were killed and their grieving family members.


The recent blockbuster movie Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson follows a different storyline from Disney's version. The Hercules we are introduced to at the start is a mercenary.
X-Men Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The film is set in a dark, dystopian future where weaponized robots called Sentinels have ravaged the world in the hopes of exterminating the mutant threat from the planet.

Book Review: Compared to Her by Sophie de Witt

How to experience true contentment. That's quite a claim for…

"Noah", Have You Watched It?

Weeks before the Hollywood blockbuster Noah was released, reviews and comments from the public on the questionable authenticity of the movie flooded the media.