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In Christ, we have everything we need to face the battles of this life.

Ephesians Day 15 Quote

Supernatural experiences aside, spiritual warfare also extends to the subtle and mundane areas of our lives, such as negative thoughts of self-condemnation, or a sense of self-glorification.
We can honour others because God meets our deepest needs for love and acceptance.

Ephesians Day 14 Quote

Knowing that God is the perfect Heavenly Father who meets our deepest needs for love and acceptance gave me the assurance that He desires only what is good for me, and so I can obey what He asks of me, including submitting to my imperfect earthly father.
Our ability to love and submit to one another comes from God Himself.

Ephesians Day 13 Quote

As a new wife I thought I had the harder job of submitting to my husband. What if I had to submit to him when he was wrong? Did this mean I was inferior to him, and had to be passive and silent?
Ask God, "What is the wise thing to do?"

Ephesians Day 12 Quote

Often, the difference between a wise step and a misstep depends on where we focus our attention.
Imitate Christ, not the world.

Ephesians Day 11 Quote

When God saved me, I found it easy, by His grace, to imitate Him in some aspects of my life. But there was one area that I found particularly besetting: my speech was still peppered with coarse jesting, cussing, and lying.
Knowing who we are and to whom we belong, changes our outlook and direction.

Ephesians Day 10 Quote

The new life God calls us to often feels restrictive. That’s why Paul doesn’t tell us to “just do it”.
We're never meant to grow into spiritual maturity alone.

Ephesians Day 9 Quote

When God saved us, He didn’t leave us to flounder into spiritual maturity alone.
The Holy Spirit is actively working in and through us.

Ephesians Day 8 Quote

My instincts to avoid dealing with the hurts we both felt may have created temporary “peace”, but it led to underlying strains of distrust.
The Creator of the Universe is invested in every moment of our lives.

Ephesians Day 7 Quote

For some of us, the idea that God can do “immeasurably more…