We're never meant to grow into spiritual maturity alone.

Ephesians Day 9 Quote

Having been hurt by someone in church, I’d thought the best way to cope was to self-protect in isolation. But my spiritual community helped me heal in ways that I couldn’t possibly have done for myself.

With their different but equally rich experiences of God, they deepened my understanding of who He is. But it wasn’t just their gifts or knowledge that was helping me “grow in every way… into Christ” (Ephesians 4:16). Their very persons—all, in their own ways, reflecting aspects of who God is—drew me once more to the loveliness of Jesus, and helped me reconnect with God.

God’s design of growing us into spiritual maturity in community, by mutually serving each other, reflects that we were never meant to do it alone. Some of the wonderful truths about Him can, in fact, only be discovered through our relationships with others.

YMI Reading Ephesians | Day 9 | The Church That Hurt (and Healed) Me

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