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How Can I Still Tithe if Budget Is Tight?

For seven years I tithed faithfully, but my commitment started to flounder when I moved to Jakarta to work.

God's Shocking Reminder When I Felt Cheated by My Friend

I was very angry, and her reply played on my mind. But I reminded myself not to follow my emotions. I tried to calm myself by doing some exercises. That was when I felt like God saying to me in my heart: “Charles, aren’t you often like this?” “What do you mean, God?” I was confused.

I Was Tithing for the Wrong Reasons

Four years ago, I had a heated argument with my family and moved out on my own. At around the same time, I began attending a small family church.

5 Spiritual Disciplines We Overlook

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him,” teaches popular American preacher, John Piper. Amen! Don’t we all long to be fully satisfied in God and God alone?

God Provided . . . So I Could Tithe

Tithing: the practice of giving 10 percent of one’s income to the Lord. “Tithing” is a sensitive word, especially to someone like me, who has been unemployed for almost 10 months.