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A woman is playing phone while working from home

I Learned the “Secret” to Time Management

Just like how “new year’s resolutions” tend to be, “time management” can sometimes feel more like a concept or buzzword than something that people actually practise and do well.
A pair of feet showing a woman is sitting down after excising

How I Stepped off the “Busy” Treadmill

Being busy is a badge of honour for many of us. Perhaps we think it means we’re efficient, productive, hardworking. Doing overtime is the norm, leaving on time is still frowned upon on some level, and taking time off can be unheard off. I was no different.

I Learned the Secret to Time Management

It was late afternoon. I was still at my computer, supposedly editing an article our website needed soon. My son was noisily racing his toy cars across the living room floor—an audible reminder that I hadn’t had time to play with him that afternoon. I also still needed to plan and cook dinner at some point before my husband and sister came home from work.