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What If I Can’t Feel the Holy Spirit?

May told me about her friend who could hear God audibly speak to her. This friend had encouraged her, telling her that if she desires it enough, if she prays hard enough, she would hear God speak too. But still, she couldn’t.

When Pursuing My Spiritual Gift Became My Idol

I used to wonder what my spiritual gift was. I thought it was ushering because someone suggested I help out as an usher. Then one day, our pastor showed us a movie titled War Room. The main character was a faithful and God-loving woman who wrote down her prayers in a prayer closet and prayed about them daily.

“What’s Your Spiritual Gift?”—The Question I Always Dreaded

“What’s your spiritual gift?” It’s a question I’ve been asked at far too many small group meetings. That question and conversations around it have always made me uncomfortable, and I’ve only recently begun to articulate why.

I Wanted to Sing, But God’s Track was Different

I had always loved singing and wanted to join the singing club in school. However, God had a different track in mind for me.

ODJ: No Lone Rangers

My country esteems “rugged individualism”—the idea that truly strong people do things on their own. The icon of this peculiar value was the Lone Ranger, a famous fictional cowboy of radio and the silver screen, and a solitary masked hero that protected others from harm. But it’s interesting to note that the Lone Ranger was hardly alone. He had a trusty horse named Silver an

ODB: Ice Flowers

Fifteen-year-old Wilson Bentley was captivated by the intricate beauty of snowflakes. He looked with fascination through an old microscope his mother had given him and made hundreds of sketches of their remarkable designs, but they melted too quickly to adequately capture their detail. Several years later, in 1885, he had an idea. He attached a bellows camera to the microscope and, after much tria

ODB: People Power

A man was boarding a train in Perth, Australia, when he slipped and his leg got caught in the gap between the train carriage and the station platform. Dozens of passengers quickly came to his rescue. They used their sheer might to tilt the train away from the platform, and the trapped man was freed! The train service’s spokesman, David Hynes, said in an interview, “Everyone sort of pit

How I Discovered My Spiritual Gift

“Do you have a spiritual goal in your life?” the guest speaker asked us during a youth ministry meeting one Saturday evening. He then explained that if we were born just to grow up, study, get married, have children, become old, and finally die, this meant that we would be living only to meet death.

ODJ: one source

During October the trees come alive with colour in my region. One year a particular tree caught my attention. Like Joseph, it wore a ‘coat’ of many colours. Its top leaves were plum coloured. A little lower the purple morphed into crimson foliage. The red gave way to robin’s-chest orange and, finally, neon yellow leaves peeked out at the bottom like a petticoat. Although the leaves had radic