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3 Truths to Navigate A Season of Uncertainty

In 2019, I spent seven months in Israel for my research attachment as a graduate student. As I reflect on my journey to and in Israel, I have seen how God provided for me and grew my faith through 19 flights, 8 airports, five countries/states and a lifetime of experience. Here are three truths that I have learned and re-learned about God during this time.
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3 Tips for Dating During Lockdown

When COVID-19 broke out, and our government announced circuit breaker (CB) measures restricting our movements back in April, I jokingly texted my boyfriend that we would be back to having another LDR—this time, a locked-down relationship. With our previous experience in an LDR, we thought online dating would be easy for the both of us. But our first online date didn’t quite go as we hoped, and here are some key lessons we’re learning as we navigate dating during lockdown
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How Moving Abroad Helped Me Re-think Missions

When I first moved to Israel for work, the busyness of adjusting to life in a foreign land helped keep my mind occupied. However, as I started to settle into daily life and got used to the place, loneliness and homesickness began to sink in.