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Why Does God Care About My Sex Life?

Sociological research reveals that the Bible’s teaching on sex and sexuality poses the biggest barrier to young people taking the Christian story seriously. The argument goes that if Christianity is true, that is bad news for your sexuality.
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5 Things I Didn’t Realise Until I Got Married

Yet, as I have learned in the nine short months that I’ve been married, there were things—situations, emotions—that I had imagined differently when I was single. Close friends of mine who were also newlyweds, shared similar sentiments.
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Other Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage

I was traveling cross-country with a friend when it came out that I was waiting for marriage to have sex. And I added, “and there’s no certainty I will ever get married.”
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I Lost My Virginity But Not My Faith

 I was an early bloomer in terms of romantic relationships, and started having long-term relationships since the age of 15. My first relationship was with a Christian. Both of us believed in God, but that didn’t automatically mean that our relationship was a healthy one.
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Is It Possible to Resist Sex in this Day and Age?

I’m a real prude when it comes to sex, and my belief hasn’t come without costs. Friends and acquaintances have been known to give me strange looks when they learn about it.

Sex: What are you waiting for?

I grew up in a dysfunctional non-Christian family, but my mother raised me to be responsible, conservative, and cautious, to the best of her ability. Though I was not explicitly taught to wait for marriage before having sex, I knew that this was the right thing to do. So I waited.
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The Day We Talked about Sex

Early on in our relationship, my boyfriend and I spent an awkward evening drawing up guidelines for our relationship. Hugging? Kissing? Sex? Sex was about the only one we could agree on, thanks to the Bible's clarity (Exodus 22:16-17, 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4, Hebrews 13:4, etc.) However, the Bible said nothing about dating rules.

ODJ: sexual freedom

Nearly half of the children born in my country are born to unwed mothers. One million more are aborted each year. Teenagers can purchase over-the-counter ‘morning after’ pills. The Supreme Court in America has ruled that men may marry men and women may marry women and anyone who says otherwise is injuring them. Few people think they should wait for marriage to have sex and many who do marry s

ODJ: the right time

I recently officiated the marriage of a young couple. After the ceremony, the bridal party headed out for some photos prior to the reception. My wife and I were invited to the bride’s home for some fellowship and snacks on the family’s garden patio. Suddenly, the mother of the bride emerged from the house with tears in her eyes. She held up her daughter’s purity ring and with a choked up voi