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A man is falling down on the grass

3 Truths to Live By When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan

As a natural optimist, I typically assume everything will work out fine. Except, sometimes it doesn’t.

ODJ: singing through sadness

Our young daughter has developed the habit of singing whenever I cut her toenails. Her musical expression seems to shift her focus from the instinct to pull her foot away to the joy of happy melodies. Research has proven the physiological, neurological, and emotional benefits of singing. So belting out your favorite tune will help elevate your mood, boost your immune system, and benefit your brain

ODJ: what kind of sorrow?

In the wake of numerous public confessions by fallen politicians, sports figures and business executives, Paul Wilkes references Susan Wise Bauer’s helpful distinction: “An apology is an expression of regret: I am sorry. A confession is an admission of fault: I am sorry because I did wrong. I sinned.” Wilkes goes on: “Apology addresses an audience. Confession implies an inner change . . .