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Making Decisions—How to Trust the Spirit (and Not Just Your Gut)

What course should I take? What career should I pursue? Who should I date—and marry? Making decisions in life is hard enough, but it’s even harder as a Christian...

Pursue Godly Wisdom

As a young teenager, I attended a women’s Bible study with my mother where I observed, listened to, and learned from other women who had more life experience. As I studied the Bible alongside these women and heard them discuss difficult biblical topics as well as share about their trials, there was one person who stood out.

What I Got Wrong about the 10 Commandments

The 10 commandments give us a glimpse of how God wants us to live, and while our first thought might be, “Yeah, I’m going a pretty good job following them,” here’s the hard line: at the end of the day, not one of us can boast to even keeping one of the 10 commandments. Let’s take a closer look . . .

When Your “Neighbor” Is Really Hard to Love

She referenced me by a racial slur and made it clear she didn’t like me, or other light-skinned black people. I was shocked and hurt that she would say those things right in front of me, but with this realization, everything started to make sense.
Reading the Bible Did Not Make Me a Better Christian

Reading the Bible Did Not Make Me A Better Christian

One morning, our helper overheard and misunderstood a conversation I had with my husband. As a result, she was cold to me the entire morning, upset with what I had shared with my husband. She thought that I was complaining about her behind her back.

When What I Do Causes Someone to Stumble

I enjoy a free and clear conscience when it comes to drinking alcohol (in moderation, of course). But my husband doesn’t drink alcohol. His family has a history of alcoholism, and because of that and other factors, he’s decided to not drink alcohol at all.

Seeking Heavenly Things

Title: Seeking Heavenly Things Materials: Digital hand-drawn…