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4 Ways to Celebrate Reformation Day

For many of us, we might not fully appreciate the importance of the Reformation, or understand what it’s all about. But it was a truly revolutionary event.

5 Reasons Why The Reformation Matters Today

Title: 5 Reasons Why The Reformation Matters Today Artwork…
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4 Ways To Celebrate Reformation Day

While October 31 is more popularly known as Halloween, the date also holds a special place in the heart of many Christians. On this day 501 years ago, a German monk named Martin Luther published a list of grievances against the Catholic Church. He nailed this list—which later came to be called the 95 Theses—to the door of the chapel at the University of Wittenberg, and this ignited a movement.
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5 Reasons Why the Reformation Matters Today

In a conversation about our favorite historical figures, I asked a coworker if he knew who Martin Luther was. He responded with, “Oh! Is that the guy who nailed stuff to the door?” “Yes, that’s him!” I said with a laugh.
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Martin Luther: And So He Died As He Lived

"And so he died as he lived." That's how Martin Luther was eulogized after his death on February 18, 1546, some 470 years ago.