Glimpses of God’s Heart

Title: Glimpses of God’s Heart Artwork by: YMI X Elizabeth…

ODJ: Distance

Reasons? He has many. As he passes several churches during his drive to the park for his Sunday run, he enjoys his solitude. In fact, he reflects on how he can connect with God just as easily—if not more so—on his own. But deep layers of pain, a multitude of rehearsed excuses and complicated explanations mask a simple reality: church has not been a safe place for him. Some people, when

ODJ: All We Need

Dan Price announced in April 2015 that he would slash his CEO salary by roughly 90 percent so he could raise the salaries of his workforce (approximately 120 employees). By doing so, Price proposed that by 2017 everyone working for him would make at least $70,000 per year. To make this happen, his salary dropped from $1,000,000 to $70,000 per year—matching his employ

ODJ: be reconciled

They sit beside each other on a straw mat—he in beige trousers and a white and purple shirt, she in a blue and yellow dress. “I participated in the killing of the son of this woman,” says Francois, one of thousands of Hutu men that perpetrated crimes against Tutsis during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. “He killed my child,” says Epiphanie, “then he came to ask my pa

ODJ: crossing the line

The deaf community at the midsize American church was struggling. Two of their most faithful members had died. Their longtime interpreter was retiring, and the church was changing pastors.The new pastor knew the importance of speaking to people in their language, so he worked on his sign-language skills. One Sunday, prior to the worship service, he struck up a halting conversation with on

ODJ: vertical and horizontal

Jean Vanier was an accomplished naval officer who had recently completed a PhD, and whose family oozed with prestige (his father had been the Governor General of Canada). Yet, living in the small French village of Trosly-Breuil, Vanier was alone and downhearted.

ODJ: small steps

Reconciliation. It’s God’s heart for people to be restored in relationship with one another across differences in culture, race and class. This is vital, but sometimes it feels so big that we don’t know where to start.

ODJ: out of the abyss

Why did I repeatedly deny I knew Him? How could I have betrayed His trust?

These and other questions probably filled Simon Peter’s troubled mind as he walked away from the courtyard in shame. He had just denied his Master and Lord three times.

At certain moments in our lives, we’ve all been able to relate to what Peter felt that day. We did something that we shouldn’t

ODJ: shamed and disarmed

Hospital chaplain Matt Marino received a call to go to a patient’s room. He expected to find someone gravely ill, fearful or clinging to life. Instead, he was surprised to find a “strikingly attractive 23 year old sitting up cheerfully in the hospital bed, holding her infant daughter and chatting with family and friends.” Confused, Matt quietly asked the nurse why he had been called.