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When Strangers Opened Up Their Home to Me

“Why are you still looking for housing options? I’ve told you that you can come stay with us. We have a room for you,” Cheu said. This gentle rebuke has stuck with me for a while—even after I’ve wrapped up my five-month stay at her family’s apartment in New York, and now returned home to Singapore—as a reminder of such ordinary, yet radical, hospitality.

Abraham and Cheng Yu: We Invited the Homeless to Our Wedding

The laughter and joyous chatter streaming out of Yio Chu Kang Chapel rang through the night. It came from the hundreds of guests who were all dressed impeccably in their finest and the sumptuous food that kept everyone in high spirits. It all looked like a typical scene from a wedding banquet. Except that it was as atypical as any wedding banquet could be.

Ken and Addy: Sharing Home with Complete Strangers

Standing outside the four-storied terrace house, it’s easy to get lost in awe. In land-scarce Singapore, it’s huge. It towers over you, its modern concrete exterior—a combination of clean, sleek lines with glass railings and a high varnished wood gate—showing you what luxury looks like.