ODJ: no tampering

Kim Peek, a savant who inspired the film 
 Rain Man, once went to a performance of a 
 Shakespearean play. As the performance was ending, Peek stood up and shouted, “You’ve got to stop it, stop it, stop it.” Why? An actor had skipped the second to last verse of the play. The actor apologised and said, “The verses are so much alike, I didn’t think it would matter.” Peek is quoted a

ODJ: driving God out?

Is it possible to drive God away? The answer is a 
 resounding “Yes!” Ezekiel gives us one sure way—
 idolatry. In a fascinating account, the prophet recorded what made God leave the room. In Ezekiel 8:1 we read that the leaders of Judah were gathered at Ezekiel’s home. They were probably seeking a word of encouragement and comfort from the Lord (14:1, 20:1). God, in reply, gave Ezekie

ODJ: carried

When my boys were smaller and it was time for bed, they would often ask if they could “be a sack of potatoes”. I would pick them up by their legs, sling them over my shoulder and climb the stairs to their room.

ODJ: why baptism?

The announcement couldn’t have been clearer: “Water baptism is not an option for the believer in Jesus. Please sign up for baptism. Baptismal classes begin in 2 weeks time.”

ODJ: in God's presence

During a military operation in Iraq in 2003, military
 chaplain Cary Cash served with the American military’s 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment as they battled their way to Baghdad. After the regiment secured Saddam Hussein’s Almilyah presidential palace, a young marine—ministered to by Cash—bowed and received Jesus as his Saviour. Later the chaplain baptised the young man in the inner

ODJ: pandora?

Pandora is one of the musical marvels of the Internet age. It’s an algorithm-based website that allows you to listen to any musical artists, bands and songs that you like. By each song you can click a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’ sign. When you click the ‘thumbs up’ sign, it plays more music like what you just heard. If you click the ‘thumbs down’ sign, Pandora will take that s

ODJ: true freedom

Many countries annually exercise their freedom to literally change time. I experienced this timely change when I was in America a few years ago. During my visit in the spring, I witnessed Daylight Savings Time—a national law that calls for all clocks to be set back by one hour. It’s designed to save energy, and it also leads to lighter mornings for children who are heading to school. Interesti

ODJ: exercised

On all fours with the grass pressing into my hands and knees, I was already backing out of my goal. I had recently enlisted the help of a friend to improve my muscle strength and endurance. On this particular night, we were at a local park doing athletic and aerobic exercises. While my legs were completing the lifting exercises to strengthen my muscles, my mind desperately looked for a way out of

ODJ: why the Bible matters

In his article Does the Bible Matter in the 21st Century? 
 author Vishal Mangalwadi lifts up the inestimable 
 worth of God’s Word. He also notes that bad things happen when a country chooses to ignore the Bible’s wisdom. He writes, “[America] was built by an ethic—a spirituality that taught citizens to work, earn, save, invest and use their wealth to serve their neighbours. This bibl