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Why Am I Striving to Please Others?

I have always been a people pleaser. I know that I can please someone by doing exactly what they tell me to do. Growing up in church, I did just that. I was cautious whenever I spoke to guy friends face-to-face or in text messages, because my leaders discouraged me from doing so.

A Letter To All First-Year Students

Hey there, You made it! You’ve survived the plane, bus, or train ride and have arrived at a new season of life. Welcome to university—your home for the next three to four years!

7 Steps for Successful Christian Living

We know what success looks like and how to achieve it. Whatever form it takes, a successful life is one where we rely on God and draw closer to Him.

I Was Jealous of My Best Friend

I have something to confess: I was once jealous of my best friend. I didn’t mean to feel this way, and I’m not quite sure how it happened. We’d grown up and shared everything since we were young: our joys and tears, our secrets and dreams.