Why I Reach Out To Prostitutes and the Marginalized

I was trained as a social worker and worked for seven years in a government agency. I loved that my job entailed advocating for change at a systemic level and thrived at work. It also enabled me to live out my faith intentionally, which shaped the ways I interacted and worked with those around me.

Mercy Begets Mercy

I love reading and writing. Because words affect me so deeply, I know how much they can heal or hurt. So I used to be very judgmental toward people who were careless—and thus, hurtful—with their words.

ODJ: rotten fruit

There’s a ‘quick sale’ area in my local supermarket where fruit is offered at a huge discount. If not sold quickly, the fully ripened edibles will become soft, flabby and infected with fungus.

In Amos’ day Israel was militarily strong and economically rich. But prosperity increased the gap between the wealthy and the poor. In fact, being prosperous gave the rich even more oppor

ODJ: extravagant mercy

When we wrong someone, it’s normal for us to feel distance and shame. We might imagine that the offended person is stewing over our poor behaviour, replaying our thoughtless conduct or writing us off. We may even think there will be a complete disinterest in us until we return and effusively atone for our actions.

In Jesus’ culture the father’s actions would be seen as foolish or so

ODJ: cover up

The ambiguity lasted until the 19th century, when Johannes Schulthess discovered a letter written by Zwingli in the archives in Zurich. The reformer’s words revealed that he had been guilty, but also that he had recommitted to living a chaste life.
Schulthess didn’t want to tarnish his hero’s legacy, so he showed the letter to his student and then held it in the flame of his candle. A

ODJ: the King's speech

The film The King’s Speech is based on the true story of England’s King George VI. After his brother abdicated the throne in the late 1930s, the new king enlisted the help of an unconventional speech therapist to overcome his problem with stuttering. Together they worked to find the king’s clear voice and his ability to deliver a stirring speech that his nation could stand behind as

ODJ: multi-hat syndrome

A pastor recently listed 36 different ‘hats’ he might wear. The roles included community activist, theologian, financial advisor and life coach. These roles evolved from the different needs of churchgoers. While it’s important for all of us to respond to others’ needs, if the demands consume us, we may begin to serve people instead of serving God.
To prevent this, we need to orient

ODJ: released

Eric Smallridge calls Renee Napier “an angel”. He says this because Renee forgave him for killing her daughter Meagan in a drunk-driving accident. Although Renee’s forgiveness took a long time, Eric says he “found his eternal salvation as a result”. What’s more, Renee’s pardon encouraged her family to follow suit. Together they petitioned the courts to have Eric released from prison