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Working man trapped in calendar

Stuck in a Job You Don't Like?

Asking ourselves honest questions can help us understand and address our dissatisfaction in a God-honouring, God-pleasing way.

How to Bring Joy Back Into Our Everyday Life

We often think a joyful life is one that’s filled with fun activities around the clock. Yet while life isn’t a series of happy events, there are things we can do to make life more joy-filled.
Man walking on the beach with a surfboard and umbrella

3 Myths About Freedom

We think that if we have just enough power, assert enough of our rights, and clarify our wants, freedom will come.  But in reality, being free to do whatever we like, whenever we like, rarely makes us feel truly free.

Finding Fulfillment in the Daily Grind

After another night with only a few hours of sleep, I am in front of my computer preparing for my day. I am in the basement. It’s dark and cold. I feel tired.

Where Meaning is Found

Did you know there’s a conference dedicated to boring stuff? It’s called, appropriately, the Boring Conference.

Meaning of Life

“The meaning of your life is the meaning you give it,” writes philosopher A. C. Grayling in his book Thinking of Answers.