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When I Was Offended By My Church

I couldn't believe that they actually mailed me a letter. When I had completed the Small Group Leadership Training several weeks earlier, our Campus Pastor had informed the class that at the end of the training, some of us would, unfortunately, be receiving a letter stating that we were not currently fit to be small group leaders. I brushed off the possibility.

I'm 70 . . . And Still Learning What It Means to Serve

Dear friend, I’m struggling to know how to begin. Maybe it’s because I still have so much to learn about what it means to tell others about anything, let alone something really important.

Am I Too Young To Lead In Church?

At what age is a person old enough to become a leader in the church? We love having younger people serve, but when can they transition from serving into leading?
Soldiers in a trench during World War I

Remembering Anzac Day And An Exemplary Army Chaplain

The call for a “padre” rang out down the line. Some poor “digger” (the colloquial term for an Australian soldier) had died and a chaplain was needed for the burial service.

ODJ: leading well

Pastor and author John Maxwell wrote, “People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” In other words, if we don’t believe in the character, wisdom, and vision of a leader, we face the challenge of following someone we don’t trust or respect. David’s soldiers believed in him. They had been in battle with him. They had sweat and bled with him. They had ca

ODJ: great expectations

Most of us have an innate desire to help others.We work overtime to ensure that the company meets an important deadline. The sound engineer makes sure the new church sound system is ready for the Sunday service. A young man loses his job and his father offers to pay his rent. These stories remind us that we occasionally underestimate our influence. In contrast, we can also use our positions or aut

He tried to kill me!

By Joanna Irungu I have been reading the books of Samuel and…

ODJ: blameless

Many people trust their pharmacists more than their pastors! According to a 2012 poll, respondents were asked to rate the “honesty and ethical standards” of 22 different professions. Seventy-five percent ranked pharmacists as high/very high. Car salesmen and members of congress were trusted least. Sadly church leaders ranked eighth, and only one in two said the ones they know are men of int

ODJ: fallen

Because we had moved before, I didn’t consider it unusual when my dad decided to find another position and relocate us to a new city. Just 12 years old, I hated leaving the friends and life I knew, but I accepted the idea that God was calling us to something new. I didn’t know the real reason for our departure until years later. With many aware of his infidelity, our lead pastor had been engag