Krysti Wilkinson

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When Gender becomes “a thing”

“Ha, ‘That’s not the gender I associate with’. Can you believe that’s even a thing these days? The world has gotten so ridiculous.” A friend and I were discussing how you can't be too quick to assume one's gender these days.
Guy on his phone sitting at a table with friends

Should I Download A Dating App?

I still remember the day my best friend and I were hanging out, complaining about dating and boys and life in general, when we decided we were going to do it: download a dating app.
Girl with her face in her hands - Why Am I Still single?

Why Am I Still Single?

I was sitting in church, listening to our pastor, when my eyes fell on the couple a few rows in front of me. They did something cute—maybe she leaned her head on his shoulder or he kissed her forehead—that caught my attention.
Married Couple - Watching all your friends get married

Watching All Your Friends Get Married

I go to a lot of weddings. Like, a lot—five this summer, five last summer. I hang out with a lot of couples. And I write a lot about singleness. Go figure, right? My life, humorous to many, typically brings about a lot of questions.