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When I Died to Myself At Work

Several weeks ago, my church mate commented about the attitude of an intern working in her organization. Whenever he did not know how to do something, she said, he would keep quiet instead of seeking help, or say that it could not be done.
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A Letter to All Believers: We are “intolerant”

Dear friends, You may not like hear this, but I have to inform you that we, believers in Christ, are a group of intolerant people.

Why Doesn’t My Friend Believe in God?

For the longest time, a good friend of mine has been seeking the truth and trying to make sense of life. And for many years, I have been trying to introduce Christ to him. I believe that all his questions about life can be answered.
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Should Christians Get Involved in Causes?

Everybody loves a good cause. We all want to fight for something, champion it, believe in it, and convince people of it. You need only to surf the web for a few minutes to stumble across somebody ranting about something or wanting to change how something is being done.