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3 Lessons on Loving Difficult People

Loving some people can be hard, especially when they’re unlovable. But that doesn’t mean we can just shrug our shoulders and shrug off our responsibility. It’s been said that we are the only Jesus people see.

How to Make Decisions That Please God [Part Two]

Ambition, goal setting, and practical use of our time are good things, but we shouldn’t develop tunnel vision and lose sight of others in the process.

How to Make Decisions that Please God [Part One]

We should always seek God’s will, wisdom, and guidance. Yet when He seems to be silent for the sake of letting us grow, there are some practical tips I’ve learned

Why God’s Will Isn’t Always Obvious to Us

The biggest source of stress for many Christians is probably the will of God. Right? We feel the pressure to know His will for our lives,