Why God’s Will Isn’t Always Obvious to Us

Written By Jeremy Larson, USA

The biggest source of stress for many Christians is probably the will of God. Right? We feel the pressure to know His will for our lives, to make right decisions, and have things all figured out. What makes this even more stressful is how silent God usually is, many times causing us to wonder: “Am I too distant from God? Have I missed it or done something wrong?” But have you noticed that the Bible has far less to say about this issue than many preachers do?

Through my own struggle and search for answers I’ve concluded that God doesn’t intend to work so simply and obviously with us, for a number of reasons.

Much of it has to do with our relationship with God. You see, there’s a difference between a servant/slave, a steward/manager, and a son/daughter. While the Bible describes our relationship with God in the above three forms, it’s clear that God’s primary view of us is as His children (John 1:12). It should stand to reason then that God will relate to us in a way that reflects and develops this father-child relationship.

This, I believe, is why more often than not God doesn’t give straight, direct answers when it comes to leading us. A servant simply receives and follows orders, while a manager is given an overall job or objective. But God wants us to rise above being a servant, even a steward, and become more like Him as children. In other words, God isn’t as concerned about what we do or don’t do, but who and what we become.

I will continue this little series tomorrow by providing six tips on “How to make decisions that please God”.

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