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graphic image of a father looking at a school picture

A Father Reflects on a School Tragedy

I do my best to hug, kiss, and remind my kids that I love them every day. Eventually, there will come a day when it will be the last time that I get to do so. Deaths always feel shocking and unnatural. When it happens to young children, in a place where they are supposed to feel safe, it feels even more confounding and heartbreaking.

3 Tips for Those Struggling to Delight in God

God really wants you and I to love and delight in Him. But why does our delight in Him matter so much to God and how can we get there?

4 Ways Your Pastor Might Be Struggling More Than You Think

When news broke on the suicide of Pastor Andrew Stoecklein from Inland Hills Church, California, a concerned friend sent me a message to appreciate my work and to find out how I was doing. It was a nice gesture triggered by a sense of shock that was shared by many others in the world. How could it be that a pastor who seemed to “have it all together,” was so overwhelmed by the pressures of pastoral ministry and personal struggles that he took his own life?