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Reaching Out to the Family Member Who’s Left the Faith

Do you think it’s easier to share Christ to someone in your own family or to a stranger? I’ve encountered many Christians who find it difficult to talk to their family and relatives about Jesus; some would say that it feels easier to hand out gospel tracts to strangers.

Hypocrisy in Speech

I slammed down the phone with a bang and let out a long suffering sigh. “That was the longest call of my life!” I exclaimed in anger.

How A Preacher I Didn’t like Convicted me

“But if not for the grace of God, I am finished!” said the speaker at my church one Sunday.

What Can We Do About Our Hypocrisy?

“I can't believe she's having sex with him. I mean, she attends church. I don't get it,” my friend said, puzzled.

3 Reasons Why People Stay Away From Church

When I was a student, I met many people who rejected Jesus and did not want to go to church. When they shared their reasons with me, I did not know how to respond. But their views started me thinking more about God’s Word.

The World Calls Me a Hypocrite . . . Am I?

I once met a lady at church who touched me with her behavior. She would raise her hands during worship, and cry and belt out the songs with an obvious ache vibrating in her voice. During prayer time, she would plead with us to pray for her. I wanted to embrace her.

ODB: Lookin’ Good!

After trying on my new sunglasses in the car one day, my daughter handed them back and said, “These are not sunglasses, Mom. They’re just fashion lenses. Let me guess,” she teased, “you bought them because you look cute in them.”Okay, I have to admit—my daughter knows me. I hadn’t given a passing thought to UV rays or even whether those glasses would actually block the sun.

ODB: Looking Good

Your hair is really healthy,” said my hairdresser after giving me a haircut. “I hope it’s because you use our products.” “No. I’m sorry,” I said. “I just use whatever product is cheap and smells good.” But then I added, “I also try to eat well. I think that makes a big difference.”When I think about the things we do to make ourselves look good, I’m reminded of some of the t

ODB: By Our Deeds

One night a clergyman was walking to church when a thief pulled a gun on him and demanded his money or his life. When he reached in his pocket to hand over his wallet, the robber saw his clerical collar and said: “I see you are a priest. Never mind, you can go.” The clergyman, surprised by the robber’s unexpected act of piety, offered him a candy bar. The robber said, “No thank you. I don