ODJ: strong as an ant

Thirty-five years ago Thomas Daigle and his wife signed a home loan. On the way out of the bank he found a penny on the ground. On a whim, they said they should save pennies to pay off their loan. Decades later they had amassed 62,000 pennies. They hauled the accumulated coins to a bank teller to finish off their mortgage’s balance. It took bank employees 2 days to count the coins, but the Daigl

ODB: The Tragic Flaw

In literature, a tragic flaw is a character trait that causes the downfall of a story’s hero. That was true of Uzziah, who was crowned king of Judah at age 16. For many years, he sought the Lord; and while he did, God gave him great success (2 Chron. 26:4-5). But things changed when “his fame spread far and wide, for he was marvelously helped till he became strong. But when he was strong his h

ODJ: relative peace

A 60 year old man, atop a tractor, charged at his 69 year old brother in law who was harvesting hay astride his own tractor. The collision resulted in a damaged tyre and the tractor-crasher’s arrest. One law enforcement official commented, “We’ve responded on prior occasions to calls because of differences between the families.” While it’s a bit unclear what the man hoped to accomplish b

ODJ: obvious passion

There’s a lady down the street who’s crazy about flowers. At the first sign of spring she crowds her porch with clay pots containing seedlings. Blooms fill her garden in a rainbow procession all summer long. Daffodils and tulips perform like dancers in a chorus line. Sweet-scented peonies bob in the breeze. Later in the season towering hollyhocks and cheerful daisies take their turn in the spo

ODJ: freeing money

Among the poor, I’ve often encountered extravagant generosity. In the Amazon jungle, locals stretched their meagre resources to provide me with daily meals. One evening they prepared fresh monkey stew and though it was not something I cared to eat, it was a costly delicacy for them. Within the slums of Mexico or Indonesia, you’ll often discover individuals who, because they have so little to h

ODJ: unexpected blessings

It’s likely we’ve read Jesus’ Beatitudes as a list of virtues—attitudes and actions that He wants us to pursue. So, we think, He wants us to be humble (Matthew 5:5), merciful (v.7), pure in heart (v.8) and peaceful (v.9).

ODJ: if My people

I was speaking with three friends about the lamentable condition of our country, America. They mentioned the continued practice of abortion, the rise of homosexual marriage, and the debt crisis. One friend cited 
2 Chronicles 7:14 and said that our nation’s problems will only be solved when our country turns to God. I said that would be difficult to pull off, as America believes in the separat

ODJ: cynical

I leafed through the book Can’t Be Bought (not the real title). The book told the challenging story of a ‘megachurch’ pastor who realised he had built his ministry on marketing strategies rather than on Christ’s call. He decided he would no longer cater to the crowd but instead preach the cost of discipleship and let the chips fall where they may. Sadly, the book isn’t good. And on the l

ODJ: zero hero

Birds of a feather flock together.” I’m not sure about that famous phrase. For throughout my student years I hung out with bright and beautiful people. But I don’t think I’m either.