God’s mercy

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God is merciful

Creation in the Hands of a Creative God

Scripture records accounts of God using specific animals to carry out His purposes, from saving a disobedient preacher to reprimanding a sinful prophet. Such is the creativity of our God, who is able to use everything in His creation to further His redemptive plan and display His glory.

Grace & Mercy At The Cross

Title: Grace & Mercy At The Cross Materials: Digital Illustration Description: At…

ODB: Disposable Culture

More than ever, we live in a disposable culture. Think for a minute about some of the things that are made to be thrown away—razors, water bottles, lighters, paper plates, plastic eating utensils. Products are used, tossed, and then replaced.This disposable culture is also reflected in more significant ways. Many times true commitment in relationships is seen as optional. Marriages struggle to s