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ODJ: living now for eternity

The film Gladiator contains an inspiring scene set just before a battle. The Roman general Maximus exhorts his troops with these words: “Remember, what we do in life echoes in eternity!” He encouraged his men to conduct themselves with the kind of valour that would cause them to be remembered long after their death. But he also knew that their conduct in the present could affe

Should we start thinking about the end?

If you’re a drama buff, you would probably agree with me that a good finale is just as important, if not more important that the rest of the drama plotline.

ODJ: a time to . . .

When grocer William Straw died unexpectedly in 1932, the family of this man from Worksop, England, was devastated. In their grief, they chose to leave William’s red brick house precisely the way it was the day he died. Over the years, Straw’s two sons lived there, keeping the house in immaculate condition—leaving their father’s coats and hats by the front door, his soap in the bathtub and

ODJ: finish well

After my grandmother died, my husband and I were quizzed about death by our 5 year old twins. All I could think of to say was that she’d finished her work and then passed away. It’s a simple idea, but Scripture reveals that we have a certain number of days to finish our work on earth (Psalm 39:4, 90:10,12).

Moses had things to complete in his life. And he was 120 years