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ODJ: know too much

I teach for a living, so it may surprise you that I write these words: not all knowledge is good. There are some things that are better not to know. Take scientist Ron Fouchier, who developed a strain of the bird flu that could kill 60 percent of the humans it infected. His research was set to be published before the American government stepped in. Do we really want to give terrorists

ODJ: clear of corruption

An advisor I recently consulted was highly recommended by a large, established Christian organisation. At first I had a positive experience with him as he helped me navigate the complicated immigration laws in Uganda. The second time around, however, the man literally took my money and ran. When I called the organisation that had referred him, a representative said, “He started out good but went

ODJ: he said, she said

A radio broadcast of H. G. Wells’ novel The War ofthe Worlds panicked thousands of listeners back in 1938. People who tuned in actually believed that aliens had landed on a farm in New Jersey and were preparing to attack America. They mistook a work of fiction for actual current events! A series of phony news bulletins featured a reporter giving an ‘eyewitness’ account of terrifying happenin

ODJ: losing ourselves

James Hunter, a sociology professor at a large university, says, “Many people continue to think of their lives in moral terms; they want to live good lives, but they are more uncertain about what the nature of the good is.”?

ODJ: magical green stick

When the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy was a child, he believed in a magical green stick that could destroy all evil. His lifelong yearning for moral perfection in himself may have grown out of that childish belief.

ODJ: rescued from darkness

In Clint Eastwood’s movie Gran Torino, Walt Kowalski is a cranky Korean War vet disgusted by the gangs now running his community.

ODJ: victorious faith

Tukutana, the nonprofit organisation I direct in East Africa, is funding the education of a young lady named Acayo Sarah. She survived one of Africa’s longest running wars in history, but not without wounds. When Sarah was just 13 years old the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) rebels attacked her village in northern Uganda. After killing her mother and father in front of her, the ruthless men abdu

ODJ: stand up

Evil doesn’t need numbers. History’s most horrific acts were committed by only a handful of people. These agents of evil didn’t persuade others to join in their sin; they only convinced them to go along. Most Germans didn’t hunt down and kill Jews, but they allowed their government to do it. Most Americans didn’t own slaves, but they permitted their neighbours to do so. Evil simply need