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We Need to Talk About Cancel Culture

So-called “cancel culture” has been growing among millennials and Gen-Z, especially on social media—and it’s a trend that worries me. Here’s why: Rather than engage in dialogue about differences of opinion, cancel culture cuts all relationship and bans any further communication.

ASK YMI: Should Christians Rethink the Way We Engage the LGBTQI Community?

A few years ago, I received a phone call from a reporter who was writing a piece for the Atlantic magazine. He wanted to interview me about the Christian view of gay marriage. The reporter was well informed about Christian theology, and probably expected a certain kind of response from me.  Christians often come across as judgmental on such issues, so I wanted to be clear about the most important truth right upfront. What I said surprised him.

3 Misconceptions About the Trinity: #3 – Does It Matter if I Believe in It?

You may have heard people suggest that believing in the Trinity is not all that important. What really matters is believing in Jesus. Others have a hard time thinking of Jesus as God, and prefer to focus on the Father. And yet others really like the Spirit and give Him more attention than the Father and Son. But these are all mistakes that will hurt the way we live as Christians.

3 Misconceptions About the Trinity: #2 – Is It Logical?

Let’s face it, the Trinity is a weird thing to believe. One plus one plus one equals three, right? The Trinity seems like a logical fallacy—do we really believe that one plus one plus one equals . . . ONE? Well, yes . . . and no.

3 Misconceptions About the Trinity: #1 – Is It in the Bible?

Has anyone ever asked you why Christians believe in the Trinity? If so, what did you say? If not, what would you say? I’ve been asked that question, and let me tell you it is easy to feel stupid quickly. In this three-part series, I will address three common misconceptions about the Trinity and, I hope, show why belief in the Trinity is absolutely essential for every Christian.

ASK YMI: How Do We Live in the Tension Between Rules and Grace?

What’s the difference between comfort and casual? Imagine you had the chance to meet one of your heroes—maybe your favorite actor, or an author you’ve read, or a musician you love. And instead of being an aloof celebrity-type who’s hard to talk to, this hero of yours is actually friendly, warm, and approachable. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable.

How Easter Speaks Into Covid-19

At Easter time, I love to stop and think more deeply about Jesus’ defeat of death. I’m reminded to thank God for the hope we have of new life. And I’m reminded that this resurrection hope speaks into all areas of my life. But this Easter, the resurrection of Jesus also has something important to say as we think about COVID-19.