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Holding a "JUST SAY NO" card

Why We Struggle to Say No

As I write this, I have just said “no” to listening to my mother’s resentments about a close family member. I told her it would be better for them to talk things out instead of using me as their confidante.
Girl sitting down laughing at her phone

3 Tips for Dating During Lockdown

When COVID-19 broke out, and our government announced circuit breaker (CB) measures restricting our movements back in April, I jokingly texted my boyfriend that we would be back to having another LDR—this time, a locked-down relationship. With our previous experience in an LDR, we thought online dating would be easy for the both of us. But our first online date didn’t quite go as we hoped, and here are some key lessons we’re learning as we navigate dating during lockdown

Tired Of Talking About The Weather?

A while back, I got together with a friend over coffee. We were working on a project, and I noticed we weren’t on the same page. We were going to meet for one hour.

Why Miscommunication Happens so Often

Have you had a friendship or relationship sour because of poor communication? Perhaps a boss did not tell you something in advance but eventually blamed you for not completing an assignment on time. Or, some project group mates did not tell you that they needed help—until the deadline came.