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When Life Gets Tough

Life is never easy but we have the ultimate guide and provider to see us through. Remember: God will not ask us for something we cannot do. He will give us the strength so let’s do everything for His glory. May these few verses encourage you to press on just as they have been an encouragement to me.

How I Dealt With The Loss of a Loved One

How do you remember a loved one who has passed away? For some, it could be through their daily conversations as they recall fond memories, while for others, it could be through mementos such as photographs.

ODJ: cross-shaped service

I was sorry to hear what you’d been through when we last spoke,” my friend Adrian said as we walked. “How are you and Merryn doing now?” “On the whole,” I said, “we’re doing better. I guess we’re trying to focus on the upside of our situation and the opportunities it brings.”Much had happened since Adrian and I had spoken a year ago. Back

ODJ: a friend in need

Some dear friends of mine lost their little boy, Raphael, to death after just 8 weeks of life. Although my heart broke for them and I longed to be a comfort, I had no idea how to ease their pain.Job also faced incredible loss and grief and needed comfort. Though he feared God and had been blessed with children and possessions (Job 1:1-3), he was not immune to suffering.Satan claimed that Job remai

ODJ: may i say something?

Elihu was upset. As he listened to the conversation between a suffering man and three of his friends, he became more and more angry (Job 32:2-3).
“Job, you are being punished for your sins!” “No, I’m innocent. God is treating me unjustly.” “Job, repent. God will not reject a blameless man.” “Whatever happens, I will be found guilty. So what’s the use of trying?” “Job

ODB: A Call To Comfort

In their book Dear Mrs. Kennedy, Jay Mulvaney and Paul De Angelis note that during the weeks following the assassination of US President John Kennedy, his widow, Jacqueline, received nearly one million letters from people in every part of the world. Some came from heads of state, celebrities, and close friends. Others were sent by ordinary people who addressed them to “Madame Kennedy,