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Don't look up Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence

How "Don’t Look Up" Reveals Our Reactions to Christ’s Return

The apocalyptic black comedy, which has been nominated for the upcoming Oscars, aptly captures our reactions to Christ's return.
Abstract woman praying

7 Things You Should Be Praying About (But Probably Aren’t)

So what have you been praying about lately? The prayers in the Bible reflect a wide diversity of topics. Here is a list of things we don't often think to pray for, but maybe we should!
Woman admiring a Christmas tree

How Can We Look to Christ's Return This Christmas?

While remembering Christ’s first coming during Advent and Christmas, we also anticipate and prepare for His second coming. Many people feel fearful when they think of Jesus’ return, perhaps because there is so much unknown about it. But I would like to suggest that His return should be something that brings encouragement to our hearts and minds.

ODJ: When We See Jesus

One of my favourite hymns is “When We See Christ”. The chorus declares how it will be worth every struggle and challenge we encounter in life when we see Jesus face to face. And with that day in view, we can courageously live for Him today! Jesus is the hope of every Christian heart. We long to rest in His embrace, rescued from sin and suffering forever. No more addictions, anger, figh

ODJ: joy to the world

For two of my friends, this yuletide season will be a difficult one. They’ve both lost loved ones during this period, and the festive season reminds them of the painful absence. Sometimes it’s hard to feel joyous during Christmas. While this season would hardly seem complete without the singing of “Joy to the World,” how can we sing for joy when our heart is grieving in pa

ODJ: the God who will come

My wife and I have arrived at that poignant age when we can’t believe how quickly time has passed—especially while looking at one of my favourite videos of our oldest son, taken when he was just 2 years old. Miska and I had gone out for a date, and the babysitter shot a short video of our boy clinging to the bottom ledge of the living room window. He was just tall enough to peek over

ODJ: burst from the heavens

In November 2014, police found a 13 year old boy who had been missing for 4 years. The heart- wrenching story grew even more shocking when police revealed that the boy’s father and stepmother had the boy all the time—hidden behind a fake wall in their house during most hours of each day. For 4 long years the boy waited to be found, waited to be reunited with his mother.The Scriptures n

ODB: Just The Right Time

The conductor stood on the podium, his eyes scanning the choir and orchestra. The singers arranged the music in their folders, found a comfortable position for standing, and held the folder where they could see the conductor just over the top.

ODB: Once Upon A Time

Some people say that the Bible is just a collection of fairy tales. A boy slaying a giant. A man swallowed by a big fish. Noah’s boat-building experience. Even some religious people think that these events are just nice stories with a good moral.Jesus Himself, however, spoke of Jonah and the giant fish, and Noah and the flood, as actual events: “As the days of Noah were, so also will the comin