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Isn’t It Arrogant to Claim that Christianity Is the Only Way to God?

I have often found myself struggling with the pressure from church and Christian friends to “make” people Christians. I don’t actually find it that easy to share my beliefs with non-Christians. And the stress of doing so can start to make these people “projects” in my mind, rather than friends. How then can we share Christ with them in a gentle and respectful manner? If you’ve felt the same way that I do, here are some pointers that may help.

Brexit Is Imminent, But Let’s Not Fret

On 12 December, the UK headed to the polls for its general election, with the Conservative party securing 365 out of 650 seats in the parliament, giving Boris Johnson and his government the mandate to “get Brexit done”.

Tim Farron Quits as Political Leader — Was it the Right Call?

Two days ago (14 June), Tim Farron, leader of the UK Liberal Democrats—one of the larger minority political parties in Britain—announced his decision to step down.